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Follow your curiosity and connect the dots later.

Titilayo Tinubu Ali


By now it should be obvious that I specialize in photographing animals! I believe that images of our pets are irreplaceable and photoshoots should be tackled with ENTHUSIASM, a sense of AWE, and NO limitations on creativity

I encourage animals to be themselves and for pet parents to celebrate those everyday moments. Pet photos should capture the essence of the soul and we should see their personalities. Yes, sometimes they’re goofy and do silly things – embrace and enjoy it.

These moments will someday only be memories.

Life is better with Animals in it !

South African born, I’m passionate about conservation and am an advocate for all things animal related.
I believe that authentic, unstated moments stand the test of time; that kindness is free and life is significantly better with animals in it!  I’m a tender-hearted idealist that loves to travel and am immensely proud to be a pet parent.

I’ve got a good sense of humour…let’s face it, pet photography is a dirty job but I love what I do…I am happiest covered in fur, getting slobbery kisses and exploring new places! My favourite moment is when you see your pet’s images for the first time…it’s truly priceless.

I’ve always had an innate love for animals, bringing home strays from a young age. My journey to photography started when I worked for an animal shelter and saw, first-hand, how images could change perceptions and impact everything from adoptions to fundraising. I gained an invaluable understanding of animal behaviour; being able to ready body language and connect to animals during a shoot helps me to create images that capture real moments and evoke emotion.

As a young adult I met the love of my life, Clyde, a massive moggie with a gentle spirit and huge purr. I was blessed to spend 14 years with him, and have had the privilege of loving so many special fur-kids over the years…but we never have enough time with them and we always wish we had more pictures that captured their essence or personality.
I encourage animals to be themselves and for pet parents to celebrate everyday moments. Yes, sometimes they’re goofy and do silly things – embrace and enjoy it! Someday these moments will only be memories.

Images of our pets are irreplaceable and I believe that photoshoots should be tackled with enthusiasm and a sense of awe. My style is candid and uncomplicated – we just go on an adventure together.

We want the same thing, for you and your pet to enjoy every minute of our session. To have fun. To relax. To be fully present and take in every precious second together. Let’s be friends, share some laughs and make magic together.

When I am feeling low, all I have to do is watch my cats and my courage returns.

Charles Bukowski



I love all animals, and grew up with a menagerie of pets that included rats, dogs and cats. But deep down, I'm a cat person.

Downtime is spent at home with my husband and our rescue cat, Pepper. Sadly his partner in crime, our beautiful blind girl Taffy has just crossed the rainbow bridge. 

I love reading and am happiest when travelling and exploring new destinations, especially where I can photograph wildlife.

I can’t whistle. I’ve tried but failed miserably. But I’ve got a bag of tricks to get animals to look at me.



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